Dentist Available

2024 Trip, May 12-23, 2024

The roster is filling up quickly. Be sure you get your deposit in and let Bruce McNellie and Pam Mueller know of your interest soon.

Project Belize 2023 Trip Report

From a Project Belize, Inc. member:

2023 feedback several of the group has sent in as part of what the Project Belize trip has meant to them.

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2014 Trip Dates Announced!

No photos available right now.

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The trip for next year is set for May 15-26, 2014.

Email Bruce McNellie if you are interested: and respond to the first deposit date which will be December 15, 2013, details to be posted later in the summer.


Bruce McNellie, Trip Coordinator

Suggested Kitlist

Our base will be in a hotel, so many things are furnished,  such as linens. The rooms are screened and air-conditioned and you will not need a mosquito net. I have noted in the past that wash cloths are not standard in central America, so you might pack some of these if you need them.

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2017 Trip Report

The 2017 trip was a great success.

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