We need your help

We need your help to keep Project Belize running.  Without fundraising, we won’t be able to keep offering free and much-needed healthcare to the residents of the remote jungle villages of Belize.

Project Belize Inc. is a non-profit, tax exempt 501-C-03 corporation.  All donations are tax exempt and go solely toward the purchase of medications for each year’s trip. There are no administrative expenses as all such costs are borne by the participants.

By clicking on the ‘donate button’ you’ll be taken through to Paypal, where you can make a secure donation online.  If you’d like to donate via alternative means, please contact the Project Belize Treasurer, Pam Mueller: Muellermont@aol.com

Another way to help us raise money


Amazon Smile ANY time you buy from Amazon.com go first to smile.amazon.com & select projectbelize.org from the list of 501-C-03 partners with Amazon. Amazon makes a donation of 0.5% on all purchases made using the Amazon Smile site to the charity you designate. If you did this & got your friends to do this as well, it would greatly help our fundraising efforts.